Brand new blog. Not so new project

Since I have been developing SpeccyDS since the end of last year, I thought I should start this blog with a brief history of the project.

I became interested in writing a Spectrum emulator for the DS after using an emulator designed for the GBA.  I realised how much better the experience would be if a full keyboard could be displayed on the touch screen.  After looking around at some source code, I decided to write a new one from scratch.

I hadn’t written an emulator before, or even developed anything for the DS.  But with the help of various resources on the web the project was starting to take shape.

Due to real-life I’ve only been able to work on the emulator for a few hours a week, therefore progress hasn’t been as quick as I would have liked.  I have also had to convert the main CPU core from C++ to ARM9 assembler for performance reasons which delayed the whole thing by a few months.

It’s coming along nicely at the moment.  But there is still quite a bit to do before it’s ready to release.  I will post again soon to show what still needs to be done.



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