Here are a few screenshots from the latest build running in Dualis. It may look pretty complete, but I still want to get a few things done before I release the first version.

Atic Attack


Earth Shaker

I really want to get the following things sorted out before the first release…

1. Hook up the sound (It is completely missing at the moment)
2. Get the file loading sorted out… Snapshots are currently loaded by converting them into header files and compiling them into the source code. Far from ideal! I am going to use a FAT driver to read them straight from the media.
3. Hook up a way to define keys to the DS buttons. The d-pad and A button is currently set up to act as a Kempston joystick
4. Sort out the DAA instruction. I know its producing the wrong results.
5. Fix some of the crashes in the Z80 core! Compatibility isn’t that great at the moment. Out of the games i’ve tested i’ve found the following errors…

Jet Pac – Only gold bars are dropped as bonuses
Chaos – Crashes when viewing the game board
Earth Shaker (Shown above) – Teleports don’t work
Chuckie Egg – Crashes at start up

Hopefully there are only a few bad instructions. The problem is finding them!


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