Eggcellent! (sorry)

Guess what?

Chuckie Egg

I got Chuckie Egg working!

There was still a problem in the interrupt handler. As I mentioned before the weekend, I had changed the behavour of IM 2 to make sure the program counter was pointing to (I * 256) + 0xFF. I discovered it should actually point to the contents of that location. Once that had changed it started working!

This has also given Chaos a new spurt of life. But it still seems to go a bit wrong when casting your first spell.

I also tracked down the bug that broke the teleports in Earth Shaker. The cause was a bug in the CPI, CPD, CPIR and CPDR instructions.

All in all, compatibility is getting better. I may move my focus to the two main items I want to complete before I release a beta… Snapshot loading and sound.


1 comment so far

  1. JayCee^ on

    Hi man… where can I download chuckie egg? My wife would love to play this again.

    Thanks in adavance.

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