Getting there…

Its been a bit quiet on here, but SpeccyDS has been rumbling on…

I’ve been focusing on problems in the CPU core over the last few weeks.  I must have made somewhere in the region of 5-10 bug fixes that have been preventing games from running.  As a result, the following games that didn’t work 2 weeks ago now all work perfectly…  Robocop, Chase HQ, Three Weeks in Paradise, Batman, Exolon, Bombjack and Dan Dare.

There are still issues with a few games, including Chaos (the AI doesn’t feel right), Starquake (crashes in game), Sabre Wulf (classic rhino emulation bug), Megabucks (crashes in the menu).  I will be trying out more over the next few days.

I have also been giving some thought about emulating the sound.  I’ve already solved how to regularly store the sound data from the CPU, but i’ve only briefly looked at how to convert this into a format that the DS will process.  It looks like i’ve got some more reading ahead of me 🙂


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  1. Dean on

    Woo, hurry up and gettit running you teaze 🙂

    seriously though, thanks for the effort, i’ll happily slip you a few quid when you make a formal release

  2. thehive on


    For the audio, use a ring buffer.
    Use timers to keep the ARM7 and ARM9 in sync, the FIFO to synchronise the two cpus and set the ARM7 to repeatedly play your ring buffer.
    I found that switching channels and only playing a frames worth of samples on each channel was no good – there is a noticeable clicking as each sample ends. The above however works fine for me.
    Email me if you need any help.


  3. CraigT on

    Thanks for the advice Hive. I was looking at a few posts on the gbadev forums about ringbuffers just a few minutes ago. I haven’t touched the sound hardware on the DS at all yet, so getting anything from the speakers will be an achievement at the moment 🙂 Dspec is looking very good, btw. Congratulations on getting the beta versions released.

  4. daninski on

    how are things coming along now? i have spectrum withdrawals.

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