SpeccyDS v0.1 Released

Available from the new download tab, or by clicking here!

Quite a few changes have been made since the last update, including an overhaul of the keyboard graphics, a new snapshot loading screen and a currently incomplete control screen.

A few CPU bugs have also been removed, which has fixed problems in a few more games (such as Renegade and Cobra).

Enjoy! 🙂

Just a quick edit on hardware compatibility.  This version has only been tested on real hardware using a Supercard CF.  I will investigate problems with other hardware other the next day or two.


16 comments so far

  1. wraggster on

    Posted the news on here 🙂 –> http://nintendo-ds.dcemu.co.uk/

  2. Matt on

    Nice one. Great job. 🙂

    Just tried Alien 8 and when the game started the emulator hung up.

    Tried Knight Lore though and it worked fine. 🙂

    Will try some more later.

  3. Kasimir2007 on

    Don’t Work on my G6 lite!

    when I run “.DS.GBA” the screen block.

  4. Bart on

    As soon as SpeccyDS starts, it shows the initial screen of my M3 and then the DS hangs.

    But still keep up the good work and I hope to play
    Alien 8 on my DS soon.

    DS-lite with an M3-lite and a passcard 3

  5. caffeinekid on

    On my SupercardSD it gets to the screen showing the keyboard and buttons but then nothing will work. 😦

  6. Kasimir2007 on

    on G6 lite too !

    same problem that caffeinekid but on G6 and passcard 3.

    Ohhh please a new version for this problem !!!!

  7. Reesy on

    You probably know this already but theres a spectrum game which is designed to check the z80 core out.


    It may help you track down bugs in your cpu core.


  8. Matt on

    Should have given my system specs:

    Supercard CF

    As mentioned, partly runs Alien 8 but locks when you start a game

    Knight Lore works just fine

    Still haven’t had time to try any others yet …..

  9. thehive on

    Reesy…young man!

    The exerciser isn’t a lot of use you know, ‘cos the tests are too non-specific, but it’s worth a go I guess.

    Nice first release BTW. Looking good!

  10. bootlegger on

    NDS FlasheMe’d
    GBA Movie Player (flashed firmware)
    Moonshell 1.41
    Emulator loads, keyboard shows, but no response from keys or screen.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. jfroco on

    Great job!!!

    Same problem: SpeccyDS freezes after loading in my NDS.

    Please continue working on SpeccyDS, a lot of us are waiting for your next version.

    It is fantastic to think that you can use the touchscreen as the keyboard. Excelllent idea!!

    Thank you and best regards


    PD: Tested on a Supercard SD (copying directly the .nds file to the SD card, if I use the supercard software to transfer it the SpeccyDS.nds.dsq has 0 bytes)

  12. Patrick on

    Same as above, tried the program by copying it directly to SD. When loading with my supercard the keyboard shows up, and then the program locks up. Using supercard with latest firmware.

  13. […] While we’re still waiting for TheHiVE to release his next beta of DSpec, SpeccyDS has sneaked out. […]

  14. nofi on

    Excellent work mate.

  15. MAQKARRA on

    Excellent sccf work perfect 😉

  16. alt@ir on

    Works perfect on mi NDS Lithe with Supercard SD + Superkey. I’ve tested Airwolf, Batman3D, Cauldron II, Aufwiedersehen Monty, Android 2, Bruce Lee and Bubbler, and all of them work fine.

    Very good work. 🙂

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