SpeccyDS v0.1a Released

Just a quick sneeky release to add support for the SuperCard SD (and possibly other SD based devices). Download it here!


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  1. nofi on

    ah, lovely. m3?

  2. Kasimir2007 on

    Don’t Works on G6 lite.

    Same probleme that V0.1.

    Speccy Freezes.

  3. Bart on

    M3 is still a no go too, pitty

  4. WmSteele on

    WOW…. Thank you so mush for your time and effort.

    Works prefectly on my Super Card SD, moved the SpeccyDS.nds file onto the SD card (didn’t use the Super Card software) and bingo πŸ™‚

    Have been playing various games for hours now, the Spectrum still it.

    Looking forward to future versions with TZX or Tap file loading, oh and the save button looks really usefull, can’t wait till we can use it.

  5. Kasimir2007 on

    I would like to see Speccy on my DS with G6 lite Snif Snif Snif !

  6. Kenty on

    On my G6 Lite the speccy keyboard is shown on the lower screen, but on the upper are only some corrupted graphics and pixels. It doesn’t react to any input.

    It would be very nice if you fix it for the G6 Lite 😎


  7. breizhatavpilamiks on

    For retro gamers like me it’s a dream come true! Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!

  8. RottenFoxBreath on

    just tryed the new 0.1a on my supercard SD,with a DS phat,and it still doesnt work..
    bottom screen shows keyboard,top screen shows black..nothing works,no touchscreen controls work..pity..a speccy emulator is a welcome addition to the DS scene.

  9. Arm73 on

    I can confirm that it works on my Supercard SD(v1.63) and not on the M3.
    It kind of works on an MK3, although strangely enough the emulator keeps on flashing the virtual keyboard between the 2 ds screens…but if I hold the load button down I am able to start a game…that goeas to a reset after a split second and the screen keeps on jumping up and down….
    Anyway don’t worry about the MK3, it’s a good for nothing card, it’s only funny that it acts that way.
    Everything is fine on the Supercard SD.
    Looking forward to more updates!
    Keep up the good work !

  10. Bdaddy on

    Doesnt work for me with Supercard SD. Same behaviour as Arm73’s MK3, the keyboard screen jumps between the top and bottom screen. The load menu can be accessed and becomes stable at this point. When a sna is selected it briefly loads before going back to the keyboard screen jumping again.
    My specs are DS phat, supercard SD and flashme
    Great work btw

  11. Patrick on

    Works like a charm for me now on Supercard SD!
    Thanx so much, it’s a great program. Hope you continue development on it for better sound and tzx support. EXCELLENT!

  12. WmSteele on

    Not sure why some people cant get it to work on a Supercard SD. Just drag and drop the SpeccyDS.nds file onto your SD card, DON’T run it through the Supercard software. Works no problem and has loaded every SNA I have tried. Tested with Supercard SD v1.63 on both phat and lite.

  13. RottenFoxBreath on

    yeh,just doesnt work,and it wasnt run through the SC software..

  14. Charlie on

    Total bliss… installed this version on my
    SuperCard Lite and it works flawlessly!!!
    What strange feelings I got when seeing
    Dynamite Dan on my DSLite… woowwwwww..
    The gfx, the hardware sounds.. joy!!!
    Cheers to the programmer for letting this out!
    Great JOB!

  15. caffeinekid on

    Manic Miner, JetPac, Atic Atac, Chuckie Egg.. I’m in heaven! Please keep up the good work.

    If you are accepting requests can you please add a pause or support sleep mode, as I keep getting interrupted in the middle of a session. πŸ˜€

  16. Jayperkor on

    Same behaviour as RottenFoxBreath: it gets frozen with black top screen and keyboard on bottom one. No reaction to input (touchscreen or controls).

    My hardware is DS phat, Supercard SD 1.63b and Flashme v5.

  17. Drood on

    Works just great on my M3. Mines the CF version. Would probably help if people specified which M3 it doesn’t work on.

    Just loaded Auf Wiedersehn Monty and it loaded and started the game just fine. Hit 0, and Monty was there, in all his glory…

  18. Drood on

    Oh yeah, forgot the most important thing…

    THANKS! Ecstatic to see this:)

  19. Ant on

    Works fine on my SuperCard SD.

    One request unrelated to flash cart compatibility – would it be possible to highlight the keys in the lower screen when they are pressed? I’m mainly interested in Caps Shift and Symbol Shift – it’s difficult to tell that the emulator has registered the keypress as neither of these keys click when they are pushed. It’d be good if they all reacted visually to the stylus, though.

  20. RottenFoxBreath on

    @caffeinekid..where can you find those games with .sna extensions…i only have a limited selection of .sna ones..none of the great games though..lol.

  21. jfroco on


    Unfortunately it doesn’t work in my SC SD.

    After reading some comments I think the problem may be related to flashme.

    My DS is flashed as well (I don’t need a Superkey or similar card to boot from SC SD).

    Anybody has tested succesfully in a flashed DS?

    Again Thank you!!!

  22. Joe King on

    To convert any speccy format to .sna, just download EmuZWin fom the link below, load the game you want to convert and Save As… .SNA


  23. rick on

    any news if it works on the ds-x? that device looks marvellous!

  24. RottenFoxBreath on

    @Joe King…thanks for that..ill give it a go later.

  25. Joe King on

    jfroco, my DS is flashed and yes it works fine on my SC SD

  26. l00k on

    awesome 0.1a works on my DS sc sd mini


  27. eMisky on

    it doesn’t work in my NDSL+M3(v.29)+PASSCARD3 πŸ˜₯

    perhaps in 0.1.2? πŸ˜‰

  28. l00k on


    This was working for me but….just flashme’d my Phat DS silver and now neither versions work.

    SC miniSD superkey or not.

    No Chuckie Egg for me on the bus home 😦

  29. l00k on

    anyone have this woriking with the flashme firmware?

  30. Mamemeister on

    Mnay thanks, I’ve played a lot of Spectrum emu’s in my time but this is just awesome.

    Couple of minor comments, sometimes when you’re scrolling down the list of games it starts a game accidently, perhaps you could allow scrolling using the gamepad or something.

    Compatability with TAP files would be icing on the cake.

    Again thanks a lot for this, keep up the good work. I for one await the next release with baited breath.



  31. xakmad on

    cant wait for passcard 3 and M3 compatibility.
    this would just be the bestest thing ever
    no – really it would.

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