Hardware Compatibility

Thanks for all the feedback on compatibility with various homebrew methods over the last few days and apologies if your choosen method isn’t working at the moment.

Since the only hardware I own is a SuperCard CF it was always going to be difficult to get all devices working straight away.  With help from The Caffeen Kid, I was able to test v0.1a on a SuperCard SD before releasing it.

The main problem with other hardware is due to the FAT file system driver.  I am using an unmodified version of Chism’s nds_fat_lib which has issues with some types of card, including the M3.

There is an unofficial version of the nds_fat_lib that has been modified to increase
compatibility, which has been included in the Rein project.  I plan to  merge this version into SpeccyDS for the next release.

Chism is also working on a new driver named fatlib which is currently in alpha stage.  The driver is a huge improvement over the old nds_fat_lib but it does have a few key features missing, such as listing the files in a directory, which SpeccyDS requires.

If fatlib is released before the next version of SpeccyDS then I will start to use that instead.

Other than that, thanks for all the kind words!  🙂


20 comments so far

  1. rocugbg on

    I’m eagerly awaiting the new release, and hopefully it will work on my M3 Lite, 0.1a just freeze when the application is launched. I just can’t wait to play the games made by Ultimate Play The Game.

  2. Charlie on

    I suggest game selection with the ds
    joystick, because choosing the game
    with the stylus is somewhat cumbersome…
    It would be a great option.
    Congratulations on the emu & Thanks.

  3. Kasimir2007 on

    and for compatibility G6 ????

    same problem that rocugbg, freeze when i see the keyboard in down.

    it would be necessary to make a version without folder. a program .exe who enable insert games in a ds.gba.
    a ds.gba whith games + emulator! (see : colecoDS, MarcaDS or nesDS)

    Hum!! .. I am french and i have difficulty has to explain me loool. i hope to do me understand.

  4. Drood on

    In case you missed the comment I posted elsewhere on here, the emulator seems to be working just fine on the Compact Flash M3.

    Now if only I could find a snapshot of Alien 8 or Knightlore, I’d be a very happy bunny.

  5. nofi on

    Good to hear you’re still considering the M3 and other cards (even though poster above says it’s working on a CF-M3 configuration).

  6. RottenFoxBreath on

    well got it working on a friends CF card.arrgh..need speccy fix.lol.
    is there any possibility in the future to support .tap,or other formats..?

  7. Takapa on

    I was very excited to hear that finally a working spectrum emulator was released for the DS. Personally, I want to play text adventures on the move, and the touchscreen interface is ideal for this.

    I have an M3 so therefore I can’t use the emulator right now. I look forward to you adding support for the M3 adaptor or as someone said earlier possibly using a snapshot (.sna, .z80) injector application into a single generated .nds file. Maybe this is too complicated if you have never done this before, so please keep investigating the FAT library.

    I am really excited about this emulator more than anything else on the DS.

  8. breizhatavpilamiks on

    I agree with Charlie. Especially scrolling the games list up and down can be annoying because the stylus coordinates are not detected accurately when tapping somewhere on the right fringe of the screen. Please add games selection by joypad.

    Has anyone started a compatibility list yet? I’d be willing to contribute.

  9. Daren on

    Hi, I tried running this with my EZ-Flash IV, which uses microSD/TransFlash. With the .nds file it just froze when I ran it.
    With the .nds.gba file the speccy keyboard appeared on the bottom screen, but nothing worked. Again it was frozen. The top screen was also frozen on the EZ Flash IV menu.



  10. jfroco on

    I put this comment before but…

    It seems that compatability issues with Supercard SD are related to that the DS was flashed using flashme.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for SpeccyDS

  11. ex0 on

    SpeccyDS fires up fine on my DS with SuperCard Mini but the stylus acuracy is pretty bad. Every time I click the “Load” button it shows me the controls info instead, so.. while I can get the emu running I am unable to load any snapshots.

    Thanks for working on a Spectrum EMU for the DS, some of us owe a lot to the Spectrum and I personally have very fond memories of it. I actually still have a couple of authentic speccys still.

    My DS is the original DS, FlashMe, SuperCard Mini, 2Gb card.


  12. ex0 on

    Sorry, totally my fault… I hadnt calibrated my screen correctly. All working great now, awesome job!!

  13. Drood on

    Can confirm 100% M3 CF works just fine. With Auf Wiedersehn Monty at least. I’ve played the game several times. Sound seems just fine. Though since it wasn’t specified, I tried the 128k version, and it defaulted to 48k mode.

    But it most definitely works. Hit “0” to start the game, tap controls, choose keyboard, and away you go. “B” on the DS jumps. Works great.

    I’ve got a ton of Z80 snapshots. Damn near every game created. But as it’s only supporting SNA format, I have to convert them all in a PC based emulator to get them into DSSpeccy. I know there’s snapshot archives out there, but the only FTP I found, they’re really badly named, so it’s hard to tell what a lot of them are.

    Nofi: You’re a star:)

  14. Kasimir2007 on

    This is good for M3 ans Supercard !

    To see the problem with G6 now! Don’t Works…. Put the news drivers G6 in speccy…..?

  15. rperez33 on

    Do you plan a porting for NinjaDS? They have just published their FATLIB for developers. See:
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Mirada2000 on

    SpeccyDS still does not function on ez4, a fatlib is available, on http://www.ezflash.com could you looked at, thank you

  17. shelly on

    i love shaker furniture too!

  18. kmet on

    R4 also doesn’t work 😦 it displays the keyboard and it starts to reset the speccy, then it freezes

  19. Blaz on

    Please, make a EZ4 version…
    I would like to play Spectrum games on my DS


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