Software Compatibility

Over the last couple of weeks I have made a few changes to SpeccyDS. First up was the file browser. As suggested, files can now highlighted with the stylus or the up and down d-pad controls. Once highlighted, a file can be loaded by either selecting them again or by pressing ‘A’. The system seems to work quite well.

I have also added support for .Z80 files. I really should have done this for the last release. The implementation was much easier than I expected and, as many people pointed out, the selection of .Z80 files is far better than .SNA.

The .Z80 support brings me onto the subject of this post… .Z80 support has given me the opportunity to test more games than I did with .SNA (since converting files to .SNA was a boring process). I’m happily surprised at the number of games that work without any problems. However, the crashes in Megabucks and Starquake still bother me since I’m having trouble tracking them down.

Therefore, I have created a new Compatibility page on the blog. The theory behind this is that bugs should be easier to track down if I have a larger list of non-working games to test. It’s looking a bit empty at the moment, so if you know of a game that doesn’t work with SpeccyDS I would appreciate it if you could add it to the comments with a description of what goes wrong. I will regularly check the comments and update the list as they come in.

Thanks for your help 🙂


6 comments so far

  1. Charlie on

    Great news… thanks for the fab work you
    are doing on the emulator… I’m at work
    now, will help with the compatibility when
    I get home and try a few rare games.
    Any clue on the next release date?

  2. nofi on

    sounds great mate, looking forward to the next release. looks like it’s a two horse race with HiVE releasing public versions of DSpec ( too now. 0.2b runs on most mediatypes now.


  3. Mamescore on

    Good news, when do we get the change to test it?
    I’m eager to plat Alien 8 on my DS 😎

  4. Player 1 on

    New updates sounds great!!!

  5. Arm73 on

    Good news !
    I am testing lots of games with DSpec, and now I will test them on SpeccyDS as well (it should be easy to share the same rom directory for both emulators).
    If something works on one and not the other I will let you know (both of you 🙂 )

  6. basilb on

    thanks craig, really appreciate what’s u’ve done with speccyds

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