SpeccyDS v0.2 Released

Available as usual from the download page, or by clicking here!

Here’s a bit of info about the changes in this version…

Fixed ARM7/ARM9 synchronisation to prevent sound corruption.
Altered ADD IX,SP and ADD IY,SP instructions to fix crash in Bubble Bobble.
Altered ROM protection to fix crashes in Megabucks and others.
Altered HALT instruction to fix crashes in Chaos, Critical Mass and others.
Corrected S flag behaviour in BIT instructions to fix Sabre Wulf.
Added button support to the file browser. Files can now be selected using the d-pad and A buttons.
Added auto scrolling to the file browser. Display can now be scrolled by holding down the buttons.
Filenames are now displayed in the correct case in the file browser.
Added .Z80 loading support.
Added .Z80 saving support.
Implemented REIN fat library to increase hardware compatibility.

The following games which did not work in the previous version are now working:
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron
Bubble Bobble
Chaos (Some graphical corruption remains)
Critical Mass
Sabre Wulf (Fixed rhino behaviour)

Here is a selection of screenshots from the new version, taken from within Dualis…

SpeccyDS - Green BeretSpeccyDS ControlsSpeccyDS LoadSpeccyDS Save

Enjoy! 🙂

29 comments so far

  1. Charlie on

    Great news for a boring Sunday!
    Thanks CraigT, will give a test with
    the new version, as usual, will report
    trouble if found! (By the way, 128K
    support is on you plans?).
    Cheers and thanks again.

  2. Kasimir2007 on

    Excellent Works !, I look at the screens
    and I dribble !!!!

    I Try this on my DS lite with G6 without hope that this Works !

    …. and I always have the same problem, I run .ds.gba, and Freeze!

    The problem for G6 lite, the company don’t give sources of fatlib.
    There is can be a solution, if you can do something.

    I hope that i will see a day your great works. I Support you at 100%.

    Waiting next version …

  3. charlie farnsbarns on

    Saves states work a treat.
    ds phat flashme 5
    sc sd

    many thanks for your hard work.
    /runs off to play head over heels.

  4. Alex M on

    Looks marvellous. Another call for G6 support here! Any chance of a version that allows ROMs to be appended to the binary?

  5. bob fossil on

    Just to let you know v0.2 is now working fine on my M3 SD, as is saving .z80 files back to the card.

  6. TCK on

    Great release Craig… Just fantastic.

  7. Arm73 on

    I’m impressed, looks really good.
    Gotta find the time to try it out though…
    I can’t believe I have a brand new Wii next to me and I still get excited for a new release of a Spectrum emulator….:)

  8. simracing on

    Not had a chance to try it yet myself, but Z80 support makes my DS happy. I now have 12000 roms at my disposal:)


  9. simracing on

    Incidentally, aside from 128k support (oh I hope so), do you plan to add save support at all?

  10. Charlie on

    Tested a bit last night trying to save
    on my dslite with supercardlite and got
    freezes, maybe had to wait more, but
    waited at least a minute.. anybody that
    got a succesful saving, how much time
    does it take? does it save a full .z80 file?

  11. Mirada2000 on

    SpeccyDS still does not function on ez4, a fatlib is available, on http://www.ezflash.com could you looked at, thank you

  12. Kenty on

    All those poor G6 owners … Unfortunately I’m also one of them, and I hope that this nice emulator will one day also run on the G6 Lite … Nice work anyway!

  13. Arm73 on

    With 0.2 I was able to save full Z80 snapshots in less then a second on a Supercard SD v1.63!

  14. CU_AMiGA on

    Hey Yo!

    Just to let you know that i think your emu is awesome, and it works flawlessly on my NDS setup:

    NDS (PHAT) / Flashme v7
    SuperCard SD v1.7
    Puremedia 1GB SD

    Many thanks 🙂


  15. CU_AMiGA on

    Hey Yo!

    Just to let you know that i think your emu is awesome, and it works flawlessly on my NDS setup:

    NDS (PHAT) / Flashme (Stealth Version) v7
    SuperCard SD v1.7
    Puremedia 1GB SD

    Many thanks 🙂


  16. simracing on

    I said about saving when it already does… Whoops!

    Tested it a lot last night. Ton of stuff didn’t work. Mostly demos, magazines etc… Of the games, inexplicably, Auf Monty, which worked just fine in SNA mode, died horribly in Z80 format?

    Man, I’d forgotten how hard Manic Miner was:)

  17. rich on

    not working with my DS lite with Supercard Lite firmware 1.70

    freezes on start up (shows keyboard screen but no top screen output).

    is this a known issue?

  18. Takapa on

    I tested this out tonight. Outstanding work. The sound emulation seems spot on, the responsiveness of the user interface on the touch screen is great and this is the first release that works on my M3 Mini-SD version (tested loading .sna, .z80 and saving .z80). I love the file navigator.

    I was so excited I got my digi-camera out, and photographed my DS-Lite running the Hobbit and email the pic to my spec-chums (who are also getting a bit long in the tooth like me).

    128K emulation would be great(so I can play the bigger text adventures), but take a rest for now and pat yourself on the back for a job very well done. The DS has proven itself to be a dream portable-zx platform.

  19. Graham Goring on

    Yeah, I always suspected that the Speccy would feel great on the DS, but I was surprised just how wonderful it feels on it.

    Like everyone else the sound seems pretty damn spot-on for me, with the only game that really sounds wrong being Heartland which screeches a bit. Long live this emulator!

  20. yadster on

    I bought an M3 miniSD to play homebrew yet it seems to be not the brilliant buy I first thought it was as it constantly fails to load a lot of homebrew games and apps and it sucks the life out of my DS’s battery in just a few hours. What is the best option for playing this Spectrum emulator and other homebrew and is purchasable in the UK?

  21. TCK on

    yadster: get a supercard from http://www.supercardstore.com

  22. simracing on

    Screw the Supercard. I’ve got a regular CF M3, and pretty much everything works, and this emulator works great!

  23. RottenFoxBreath on

    thanks for this..it works now with my supercard 1.70,and games are great when running..
    one problem..the touch screen keyboard seems way off in places,like you have to press keys,under them/or to the side.
    manic miner cant be run,as “ENTER” needs to be pressed,but it wont acknowledge it.
    same with load(have to select it right in the top left corner of the screen) and controls,there positions are off too..apart from that..great release.excellent work..

  24. Bonehead on

    Great to see that this works on my M3 MiniSD.

    I have tried loads of games and the majority of them work really well. Very impressive indeed if this is your first emulator + DS project.

  25. Kasimir2007 on

    G6 drivers have been released!
    They can be found here:

    I test scumvm with this and libfat works on my G6 !!!!!

    I will like to see Speecy on my linker G6 now.

  26. Michael Meyer on


    I love it. My first test runs great on my SpeccyDS 0.2.


    Michael from Munich/Germany

  27. Mitchell on

    it doesnt work
    i get the with the keyboard but i cant do anything
    im not sure if its the touchscreen
    im using the m3pro

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