Back again

Wow.  Over two weeks without a blog entry and not a thing to show for it.

As you’ve probably realised, i’ve taken a break from SpeccyDS for a bit.  Due to personal and work-related buisness I haven’t touched the source code since I released v0.2.  I’m hoping to get back into it in the next week or so and, as always, I will keep the blog updated with my progress.

I have some ideas about what to include in the new version (including the new G6 fat driver. Thanks Kasimir2007, you can stop spamming my blog now 😉 ), but first off will have to be a re-write of the GUI code. During the rush to get v0.2 out with the save snapshot screen, I destroyed pretty much all of the object orientated design of the GUI. I’m going to sit down with a pen and paper and draw out a nice little diagram to get it back into a more manageable state.

There are also quite a few entries on the compatibility list that need looking at. The .Z80 snapshot reset problem may be due to SpeccyDS ignoring certain types of .Z80 file, but i’m going to have to look into it further to be sure.

9 comments so far

  1. Charlie on

    Great news to see you back… and keep
    up the great work with the emu!
    (By the way, how’s 128k support
    in your priority list?). Cheers again.

  2. simracing on

    No excuse, get back to work ya damn slacker;)

    Curious myself about 128k support, if only so I could listen to the glorious “Auf Wiedersehn Monty” music on the DS:)

    Keep up the good work! The emulator is in a perfectly good condition now. You deserve a break:)

  3. Arm73 on

    Yeah man you’re doing good !
    I also would love to see some 128K emulation at some point, but more than that you should consider some tzx support because even most 128K games can be played on a 48K Speccy with multiload.
    Of course loading times do not bother us today, and it would be perfectly accetable to play those multiloading games even missing out on the AY music.
    But more then that, try to take some time off your work and spend it with your dear ones(maybe playing togheter with a Wii), it’s that time of the year when family should come first…..
    So let me be the first one to thank you and whish you happy holydays !

  4. Kasimir2007 on

    thank you very much for support G6.

  5. simracing on

    In my experience, this time of year, family coming first leads to arguments and recriminations…

  6. El Xando on

    You should include a function to make it be able to act as if a button is held down because for one game (Manic Miner) you have to hold down more than one button at one point.

  7. Kasimir2007 on

    Christmas is Coming Soon and SpeecyDS0.3…. ???

    Christmas dad you can leave me tomorrow speedyDS0.3 !!!!!!

  8. Kasimir2007 on

    SpeecyDS For All Linkers !!!!!

    Libfat Chishm DLDI IO_INTERFACE release :

  9. Kenty on

    Also a thank you from me for including G6 support! I’m really looking forward to try it on my G6 Lite 😎

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