Late merry christmas and happy new year!

SpeccyDS took a back seat over the holidays, moving over to more festive activities such as eating and drinking far too much. However, i’m now in the mood to get back into the swing of things!

I did get around to a few little bits over the holidays… The G6 driver has been merged into the FAT driver but, due to my lack of a G6, it is completly untested. I’ve also started to redesign the GUI code in a more OO-friendly manner, and implemented a few undocumented Z80 op-codes (around the EDxx range).

I’ve also started to look at 128k emulation. Don’t get too excited at the moment since i’ve only been reading up on what is required, but from what I can see it should be quite straight forward to modify the code to emulate a 128k Spectrum. The complicated bit seems to be the sound chip. The timing and memory bank switching should be quite easy to implement as long as I can find an efficient way of doing it.

I doubt 128k support will be in the next version since there are still a few things that I need to sort out, but it’s nice to know that it is possible.

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  1. em22 on

    Woo hoo! I’ve been waiting to play my 128k games with sound! I will be patient and understand that it wont be until a few versions, then i can ditch crocods instead of trying to play my speccy favs on the amstrad 🙂 heheeh!

  2. Drood on

    Thanks for all your work! I really look forward to future iterations of this.

    So with stuff that doesn’t work, should we submit the snapshot, as I’ve got a fair few .z80 files that won’t load.

  3. charlie farnsbarns on

    Keep up the good work and all the best for the new year.

  4. […] News 2. January 2007 CraigT spilled some info on a future version of the Spectrum emu for the DS: SpeccyDS took a back seat […]

  5. Player 1 on

    Thanks a lot for your job.

  6. CraigT on


    Sorry about the late reply! Thanks for the offer, but i’ve got a load of .Z80 files that fail to load here already… I just haven’t got around to working out why yet!

    .Z80 files contain information that specifies the Spectrum model they were saved on (48k, 128k, +2 etc). I think SpeccyDS is too fussy over which types of machine to accept, which has resulted in loads of files not working.

    If you load and re-save the files in another emulator (such as ZX Spin) when in 48k mode, they should load up into SpeccyDS without any problems.

  7. Drood on

    Ah, okay. That’s the problem. The patience to convert them all:) The SNA version of Auf Monty works, but the Z80 crashes.

    I don’t suppose anyone knows of a batch conversion tool? Since either way, resaving Z80 or converting to SNA, that’s a lot of work.

    You’re doing a magnificent job:)

  8. Uto on

    spconv is command line converter:

    Just copy spconv.exe on a folder with z80 files an create a batch file to convert all files in a folder:

    @echo off
    for %i in (*.z80) spconv %i .sna

    I’m not sure about the ‘for’ syntax, if it does not work try

    for %%i in (*.z80) spconv %i .sna
    for %%i in (*.z80) spconv %%i .sna
    for %i in (*.z80) spconv %%i .sna

    Some of them should work O:)

  9. Uto on

    Correct syntax is

    @echo off
    for %%i in (*.z80) do spconv %%i .sna


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