Borders and more

It’s been a busy week.

In my last post I explained how I had changed the display routines to speed up SpeccyDS and allow me to do some more interesting stuff with the screen.  Over the last week I’ve used this to hook up proper border emulation:

The first screenshot is the result of a BASIC Save command and demonstrates the border quite well.  The second shot demonstrates the scaling problems that are associated with displaying the borders on such a small screen.

Luckily, the DS hardware makes screen scaling very simple.  Therefore, I will probably add three border settings – None (default), Thin and Full.  The thin border should keep the distortion down to a minimum.

A few other things have changed, including:

– The Z80 loader has been fixed.  All 48k-based .Z80 files should now be accepted without causing the Spectrum to reset

– Simulated the resistor connection between the EAR and MIC ports on the spectrum.  Sound is now produced when using the BASIC save command etc

– Fixed the flags on the DAA instruction to fix Head Over Heals.  However, the sound still cuts out in some rooms

– Fixed the crash in Starquake (yay!).  It was caused by a silly bug in the HALT instruction

Next up is DLDI support…

I’ve also added a Donate tab at the top of the blog.  Developing SpeccyDS takes up a large amount of my free time.  If you are feeling generous, please show your appreciation by donating a few pounds towards the project.  Any amount is gratefully received!  Thank you 🙂

8 comments so far

  1. Arm73 on

    This looks fantastic man!!!
    I remember a few months back discussing Spectrum emulation on a DS over at WOS somebody mentioned that is was kind of pointless because you couldn’t see the borders(!).
    Not me, I am perfectly happy with v2.0 already, but having it it’s not only technically interesting, but it will also make a lot of people be quite !
    As for all the other bug fixes,what is there to say….outstanding.
    I’m definitely dying waiting for a new release now…
    And just in case I was wondering if you started to look into some kind of TZX support (we all know how important it is in order to run the majority of the software) and what prevents it to be efficiently done on an handheld.
    Keep up the hard work! I am sure you will be rewarded…:)

  2. Bass on

    Great work man!!!! 🙂

  3. Drood on

    Fantastic! Some good stuff.

  4. Charlie on

    Great news, altough the border emulation is not in my wish list since the native resolution (256×192) of the Speccy matches the native rez of the DS, and that´s great for pixel by pixel graphics, which look great, and scaling the screen will break the pretty square pixel relation. My most wanted feature is the 128K (at least sound) support.

  5. em22 on

    you’re doing a great job my friend, come on with that 128k support! I want to run my demos!! 😀

  6. Stefano on

    I’m waiting for DLDI support, do you now when it’s ready? Thanks.

  7. Kasimir2007 on


    …………. ………… ………….


    …………. ………… ………….

  8. Kasimir2007 on

    I want NEWWWSSSSSSSSS for Speecyyyyyy !!!!!!! lol

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