DLDI Support

I upgraded my version of devkitPro to R20 yesterday.  I removed all the old gba_nds_fat code and replaced it with Chishm’s latest libfat routines, which now contain the directory related functions I need for the file browser in SpeccyDS.  The latest libfat driver also includes support for DLDI.

SpeccyDS didn’t have any problems compiling with the new library and everything seems to be working as expected.  However, I have been left with a bit of a dilemma.  I know there is a lot of anticipation for DLDI support, but there are still a few major things I want to finish before releasing version 0.3.  I don’t feel like I have added enough to SpeccyDS to justify releasing the next version.

I may release it as it is now and call it version 0.2a.  However, the border changes will not be included since there isn’t any sensible way to set the border size.  We shall see…

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  1. Drood on

    I think folk would be happy with even minor revisions. The Z80 fix alone is worthy of a release IMO.

  2. boo on

    pleeease, release that 0.2a, DLDI support is a BIG deal indeed )

  3. pubjoe on

    Yes, release it. Call it “2.0 (with DLDI)” if you must! I don’t care about the new additions yet. Just a chance to try out a working version!! 🙂

  4. Arm73 on

    I have to agree, I would say just release what you’ve got to show us how things are shaping up.
    Besides, sometime ago I removed SpeccyDS from my card because I had to format it, and I am waiting for a good reason to put it back !
    Unless this version is somehow unstable , in which case we better hold up a little longer to get a safer one.
    No one wants to brick a card 🙂 !

  5. Kasimir2007 on

    SWEET !!!!!

    Yesss, Release 0.2a please ….. just to see your works, and to test games on my M3ds Simply or G6 lite.

    After you will be able to take your time for update.
    I cannot wait, because I did not see of emulator spectrum on my linker.

    Dspec and Speecy … it is the same problem. Release 0.2a!!!!

  6. spurty on

    Yes echo the above, release with dldi support asap…call it 0.2 special edition or interim test edition or something…

  7. Stefano on

    DLDI version now!


  8. Kenty on

    Yes, I agree too, please release the DLDI version, since I couldn’t try out any Speccy emulator on the G6 yet and really want to see it run. The border emulation is nice, but it decreases the resolution with all those nasty side effects. What about the idea of putting those borders behind the keyboard or in a small area in the keyboard screen, so you just see something of the borders?

    Thanks for your work!

  9. spurty on

    me again ditto thanks for your work, the availability of speccy emulators pushed me to buy the ds in the first place! i love how the resolution is a perfect 1:1 for the ds screen, so a border feature surely wouldn’t get much use if it meant squashing the actual display (reason why amstrad cpc emulator is unuseable for me)

  10. daninski on

    OH PLEEEAAASE! i want to play spectrum games on my supercardlite. call it 0.2.1 or something 🙂 i’m ill in bed with the flu, i neeeeed spectrumy goodness 😥

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