SpeccyDS v0.2a Released

Available on the download page, or by clicking here!

Here are the changes…

Upgraded to libfat, which inludes the DLDI driver.
Fixed .z80 loading routine. More .Z80 snapshots will now be accepted.
Fixed flag behaviour in DAA instruction to fix problems in Head over Heels.
Fixed HALT instruction (again!) to fix crash in Starquake.
Implemented a few undocumented instructions.
Optomised display routines.
Hooked up X and Y buttons.
Corrected Sinclair 1 and 2 joystick assignments. 

It doesn’t contain everything I had planned, but hopefully it should keep you happy.  Enjoy! 🙂

50 comments so far

  1. Arm73 on

    Fantastic !
    I am going to give it a try in a few minutes, I am really excited about this!
    Thanks a lot man 🙂

  2. Arm73 on

    Tried….it works both on Supercard SD and M3 SD.
    At first I was scared because I tried both versions (.nds and .gba.nds renamed to nds) both on the SC and the M3 and while the emulator stared fine, and navigating the content of the SD card worked alright, once inside the games folder the emulator would just freeze, and that was on every possible combination I tested (patched or not, .nds or .gbs.nds, M3 or SCsd) but then I realized that my games folder was quite large(about 450 games) so I created a smaller one with a dozen of games and it worked just fine !!
    I will do some more testing, but out of curiosity is there any file number limit for the folder at the moment ?

  3. craigt on

    SpeccyDS can handle up to 256 files or folders within a folder at the moment. I will push this limit up on the next release. It looks like I’ve missed some error checking around my file cache routines so it will keep on trying to cache all the files until it passes the 256 limit, resulting in a crash. Another one for the v0.3 todo list!

  4. […] v0.2a Released – Spectrum Emulator for Nintendo DS 5. February 2007 CraigT has released a new version of SpeccyDS the Spectrum emulator for the Nintendo […]

  5. Joe on

    Works great on my M3 SD, R4 but can’t get it to work on my Supercard SD.

  6. Arm73 on

    I think you’re doing something wrong.
    I can confirm it works fine on the Supercard SD straight out of the box, don’t even patch it for dldi(but you might want to do that anyway).
    Did you patch it for dldi or did you just run the .nds version as it is ?
    It works on my SC firmware v1.70 with 1Gb Sandisk card. 100% .

  7. Joe on

    I’m definitely doing nothing wrong, I’ve tried both SpeccyDS.nds.gba and SpeccyDS.nds unpatched and patched and all I get is the keyboard on the bottom screen and the top screen stays black, but it works perfectly on my R4 and M3 Perfect.

    I’m using firmware v1.70.

  8. Arm73 on

    Then we’ll have to wait for more users comments and see how does it look like on other people’s cards.
    I also tested it on a Neoflash MK3, and it worked, just so you know.

  9. maqkarra on

    work fine into scdsONE

  10. dudereno on

    Works fine on Supercard SD.
    Any supercard users that are having trouble it *might* be down to the DLDI patch. I’ve found that some older NDS models don’t like chishm Supercard SD patch. Moonshell’s Supercard SD DLDI patch may work in this case.

    Many thanks to Chris for your stella work on SpeccyDS.

  11. Joe on

    Nice one dudereno… it was the chishm Supercard SD patch that was causing the problem, it now works great on my SC SD.


  12. dudereno on

    no probs Joe, glad to help.
    Just had a quick blast of head over heels in my lunchbreak and it works perfectly. loads and saves fine. Pity I suck at the game. need more lives. time to hunt down a naughty cheat poke methinks. 🙂

  13. Arm73 on

    I have the impression that Speccy DS runs 10% faster with certain games…I can’t tell for sure, I will do some more testing, but yesterday I had a quick blast at H.E.R.O., Alien Syndrome and a dozen more and I can swear they were faster than they used to be….good for slow games like Alien Syndrome, but not so good for fast ones…got killed even faster !:)

  14. Damo on

    Can’t seem to get this working on the G6. Has anyone else had any luck?.

  15. daninski on

    i love you, works perfect on my super card lite.

  16. Damo on

    Ignore my last post. SpeccyDS RUNS PERFECTLY on the G6 after patching with g6fl.dldi.

  17. Kenty on

    I can agree with Damo – SpeccyDS runs also like a charm on my G6 Lite after DLDI patching. You have to download the g6fl.dldi and the dlditool for Win32. Then the patching is done with the following command in an MS-Dos prompt:

    dlditool g6fl.dldi SpeccyDS.nds

    With other adapters you have to use a different *.dldi file of course. After that I tried 5 different games, and they all run great!

    Thank you V E R Y much for this emulator. It’s the first that works for me 😎


  18. Matthias on

    Amazing! This emulator that you have created is great! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. Stefano on

    It works on my M3 simply, only reset button freeze the emulator.


  20. yadster on

    Works great on my M3 mini-sd but same as the above poster, the emu freezes when reset. Be nice if you could map the DS’s buttons to the keyboard, handy for games like Chuckie Egg 2. Here’s a link with a few z80s


    keep up the good work, really appreciate having such a great emu for the DS.

  21. Kasimir2007 on


    The best Emulator Spectrum for me on DS…. I cannot judge emulator of theHive : Dspec Don’t Works on my linker (no support DLDI).


    Thank You.

    I can stop spamming Your blog now. lol !

  22. RottenFoxBreath on

    works great,now all is needed is the keyboard to be mapped out properly,and itll be fantastic.
    great effort..

  23. WhizzBang on

    Thank you!

  24. Player 1 on

    It Works great in my Supercard CF.

    Just a remark, in the previous version I had all the games,450,in a folder.
    In this version if I try to access to this folder the emu freezes.
    I created 4 folders with 100 games per folder and now works.

    Thanks a lot for your job.

  25. Patrick on

    Unfortunately still doesn’t work in my m3 ds simply…. ;(

  26. Drood on

    Works fine on my M3CF. One rom crashed, but it was a 128k, so that explains that then:)

  27. bri33w on

    This is nice, it’s working fine so far on my d-xtreme as as compared to dspec which worked but seemed to mess up my roms. Looking forward to 128k emulation. Is there a way of loading games that require you to load from tape (ie “rewind to start of side 2 and press play”)or do you just have to take a snapshot of the game screen. (make sense?). Keep up the good work!!!

  28. krazycade.com on

    Will this ever support 128k +2/ +3 etc?

  29. Patrick on

    Finally got it to work with my M3 DS Simply with dldi patch! Yeehaa!!

  30. alfm64 on

    I hope that the save game/state option will be in the next version, please!

  31. Arm73 on

    What do you mean dude ?
    Did you even try this Emu yet? You can already save your game, it works very well, you can even change the file name.
    There is a big “SAVE’ button right next to the ‘LOAD’ one, on the top left corner of the touch screen……

  32. Drood on

    Look forward to 128k support so I can play Bobsleigh again:)

  33. Takapa on

    Hey, this emulator is cool.

    Here’s an inspirational story ….

    I loaded SpeccyDS and Manic Miner on my DS and the bird (who really doesn’t like games at all) was intrigued. I gave control over to her and gave her a level-1 strategy overview. Time after time, she died but she was addicted. Each time she became better at the precision timing and learned the screens. She got up to Eugene’s lair last night (using the save option after each level – technically cheating but we all do it).

    Anyway – to mae this story a little cooler, I live in Tokyo, and my (J)bird has never heard of ZX Spectrum or Manic Miner.

    I was so happy to have someone new be introduced to the simple delights of my childhood.

    Anyway – all this was off-topic, but thanks for making it possible.

    128k emulation would be cool even without AY emulation initially (bound to be tricky). I like 128k adventures and I would like to play on the move.

    Also – a recommendation for anyone who hasn’t played sam-spade. Its an unacknowledged classic. Get it downloaded and played.

  34. CrookedMouth on

    SpeccyDS won’t work on my Max Media Dock, I know I’ve patched it correctly and all. I’ve tried putting a few roms on even in the root directory.
    I get the keyboard on bottom but its unresponsive and squiggly lines on top.
    Before you all say well the Max Media Dock is crap 🙂 every other DLDI supported emulator has worked that I’ve thrown at it.
    Thanks Craig, wish I could run your awesome emu. 🙂

  35. rperez33 on

    It worked with my NinjaDS card. Fine!

    I think a very nice feature will be the user assigment of ZX keys to DS controls for each game.


  36. Charlie on

    CraigT or anyone.. is the emu still being worked on? This page and the DSpec one are completely frozen! Please enlighten us when you can.

  37. craigt on

    I’ve been taking a bit of a breather from SpeccyDS over the last few weeks, and been working on a completely unrelated project. However, there are still quite a few things I want to do to SpeccyDS before I stop working on it, so it’s not dead yet!

  38. Kenty on

    Oh no, please never let SpeccyDS die ever! This is so a fitting emulator for the DS that I nearly don’t play any longer any commercial software on the DS because there are still so many games I don’t know on the Speccy and need to explore.

    But if you need breaks from time to time they are fully granted from my side 😎 Just don’t let them become too long!

  39. Charlie on

    It would be a shame that the emu stays as it is without AY8312 sound support or 128k emulation… of course if CraigT has other projects I can respect that.

  40. Charlie on

    New emulator released, check out:


    Very early version but looks promising, at least
    it supports 128k snapshots loading, no sound though!

    CraigT, where are you? An orphan emulator reclaims you! 😉

  41. gameboar on

    great emulator!

    is there any chance that future updates will support the tzx file format?

    z80 and sna files are getting a bit difficult to find these days. but tzx files seem to be everywhere!

    keep up the good work!

  42. Kenty on

    Hello craigt,

    What’s up with your great SpeccyDS? Have you already let it die? That would be really a pity, because I really like it very much. It would be worse because the other good emulator DSpec seems to have died also, as no news from TheHiVE have been heard for months now!

    Please come back from your well earned vacation and give us some news about SpeccyDS!

  43. Martin Blazek on

    Yeah, it’s a real shame that there’s no progress… why would anyone bother with donating then, right? 😉
    Anyway, there’s a ZXDS emulator available now, which not only supports ZX 128K but ULA/AY playback as well. Go check it out, it is pretty cool!
    The only downside is the emulator’s UI. Hopefully this would get improved soon…


  44. phil on

    Got this emulator too work at last.

    Give up on the dspec one would,nt pick up the roms.

    Most games work fine on speccyds but am having trouble setting up the joypad. seen when i press sinclair 1 or 2 nothing happend.

    The keyboard is hard pressing, try pressing 1 and it end up pressing 2.

    Any help?

  45. CraigT on

    Hi Phil.

    The joypad will map to whichever control method you choose. Most games accept the Kempston joystick, which you can usually pick before starting the game.

    Redefinable keys for the joypad is currently being developed. I’m also aware of the problems some people are having with the touch screen accuracy, but I think I have fixed it for the next version… The main problem is that it has been working on my DS without any problems, so it has been quite tricky to track down!

  46. Matthew on

    Hi craigt! Just wanted to say I’m lovin’ SpeccyDS! Much better then the other ones I’ve tried. Seems like the DS is the ultimate machine for portable speccy emulation (with 1:1 resolution and a touchscreen for the keyboard) I’m looking forward to the next release! I will definitely donate if you get 128k support and allow (savable) custom keymaps for individual games 🙂

    Thanks again for a great emulator!

  47. PAUL on

    cant get this to work on games and music card anyone know how or if it will work on this

  48. Ben on

    Great work mate…
    One of the more playable emus for the DS.
    Works a treat on my M3 SD

  49. A7mag3ddon on

    Works a treat on DS One V3 with no patching required.

  50. Michael on

    this works great with the EDGE cart
    it was hard to find working roms tho.
    i got all mine form this;

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