A Brief Summary of the Last Four Months

As you have all probably realised (and some people have commented on), the development of SpeccyDS has slowed.

Releasing version 0.2a burnt me out a bit and resulted in me shelving the source code for two or three months.  Over the last month, my interest has started to pick up again and I’ve been doing the odd piece of work here and there.  But I haven’t been putting in the time like I was when I first started.

The development is still ticking over slowly.  I’m currently halfway through re-writing the GUI, which will make it easier for me to add new screens.  It will also allow me to hook up remappable controls and add a proper options screen to control the border emulation.

Version 0.3 will definitely be released at some point and will include these and a few other changes, but I’m not going to put a date on it at the moment 😉

6 comments so far

  1. Tronik on

    GREAT NEWS !!!

    Thanks a lot !!


  2. Kenty on

    Great news indeed! I’m happy you are working on it again. And the “no release date” is perfectly ok with me.

    Your “burned me out” version is still used by me a lot, so it was really worth it 😎 I’m still playing the first Monty game a lot, and meanwhile have managed to play it through (with the help of a savegame). But I still want to play it from start to end without any savegame.

    Oh, and btw.: The other games I have for the DS are lying around and doing nothing. Its just your emulator I’m using on this little machine at the moment!


  3. Jet Set Willy on

    Sort it out! Sort it out! Sort it out!

    Can we get a slow clap started, please?


  4. Funem on

    Nice to know you are still working on it. Thanks as well for the update.


  5. Kasimir2007 on

    cool !

  6. Drood on

    This is the only emulator I have on my DS. Don’t want you to get bored with developing it, so if you need to take a break, please do so.

    We can wait…

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