Out with the old…

Finally, after spending the odd free hour on it over the last few weeks, the GUI rewrite is done.  Re-definable keyboard controls are included, along with a settings menu to let you define the border size and the keyboard graphic to be displayed.

I’ve included a graphic of the +2 keyboard along with the original 48K keyboard.  I was going to draw a keyboard for each of the Spectrum models, but since they are pretty much the same for the later models I haven’t bothered for the time being.

The settings, including the defined controls, are saved back to the flash card to a single config file.  I was thinking about saving them back to individual config files based on the game that is loaded but it might be a bit confusing to configure.  I may change it in the future depending on how people feel about it.

All this means that V0.3 has started to appear on the horizon!  I haven’t touched any of the actual emulation side of things so far for this release, so it would be nice if I can at least implement the remaining undocumented Z80 flags to get Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins working.  Hopefully the new version will be out in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. whaleyboy on

    Woo! Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for the new release! 🙂 Any chance that state saves will be in the next version?

  2. craigt on

    Saving to .Z80 was in the last version 😉 I have added a new quick load and save into this version, so you can just tap an icon to save whenever you want. I’ve found it to work pretty well so far.

  3. Tronik on

    Everything sound great!!!

    Thanks a lot Craigt.

  4. Kenty on

    Thank you too for the update and your continued work on this fine piece of software. I wonder if the re-definable controls will work with “Jumping Jack” too, because the game uses the shift and space keys …

    Btw. I’m currently playing Boulder Dash 1 & 2 on the NDS with SpeccyDS, and it still works like a charm. I didn’t have a single problem with both games. So the NDS is really my Speccy platform of choice at the moment!

    Oh, and if you are introducing a config file it would be very nice if you could save the default name of the game to start with when the emulator starts and perhaps the default joystick interface too (Just for comfort). But only if you have the time of course 😎

    Thanks a lot anyway!

    PS: Does anybody know anything new about DSpec?

  5. Santa on

    Thanks Craig

    Good Job!

  6. Arm73 on

    Hey that sounds pretty good !
    I’d love to see this update, but why don’t try to implement some more support for tape files ?
    ZXDS supports TZX, PZX, TAP, Z80 and SNA, plus 128K and AY sound, which means it can run almost every game out there.
    Any chance we’ll see any of those file types supported ?

  7. craigt on

    Hi Arm73 I would rather get a release out now rather than keep people hanging on for another couple of months for me to implement TZX and 128K support. Don’t worry, though… After this release, tape files are the next thing on my todo list, closely followed by 128K.

  8. Arm73 on

    OK, thanks.
    I am not really obsessed with 128K and AY emulation(these days I even prefer the Beep sound as it’s more unique and when well done sounds even better then the average AY tune ), but I think TAP and TXZ (or PZX ) now it’s a must, because most games are stored in these format, and almost every 128K games can run in 48K mode by multi loading levels.
    Anyway congratulations on the work done so far, I can hardly wait now that I know of another release coming up soon !!

  9. ReKlaw on

    Hi Craig, thanks for the update. SpeccyDS is an outstanding emulator.

    I use the current version on a R4, the only issue I have had is that the reset icon causes the DS to crash. Will this be fixed in v0.3?

    I’m playing starquake and atic atac at the moment both excellent games



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