SpeccyDS v0.3 Released

Available on the download page, or by clicking here!

Most of the changes in this release are related to the GUI rewrite…

Complete re-write of the GUI.
Improved the touch screen accuracy on some Nintendo DS systems.
Added Quick Save and Quick Load functionality
Added two new keyboard images. A Save keyboard and a Spectrum +2 keyboard.
Added a new global settings screen to replace the old Controls screen.
Added re-definable keyboard controls.
Added border size control.
Removed the maximim file limit on the Load screen. There is now no fixed limit.
Implemented several Z80 undocumented features, fixing the crash in Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins.
Fixed the flags on the Z80 CPI command, fixing the odd behaviour in Scrabble.

30 comments so far

  1. Arm73 on

    Fantastic !!
    You made my day, I’m so happy to see a new release so soon….I thought it was gonna take you a couple of weest still ? 😉

  2. Santa on

    Nice Thanks..

  3. ReKlaw on

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the update.

    I’ve tried a few games with v0.3. The hard reset is now working and they games appear to run fine. The only thing i’ve noticed is that the emulator seems to run too fast for some games i.e jetpac, sabrewulf etc. although this may be subjective.

  4. funem on

    Nice to see this is still alive. Thanks for the update, look forward to more news in the future….

  5. Kasimir2007 on

    Very Good !!!!!

    Thank you. the best emulator spectrum on Nintendo DS.

  6. Arm73 on

    I’m running it on a G6real, and the last line of pixels on the touch screen is garbled, just below the keyboard.
    It’s only one line though, everything else looks fine.
    I love the +2 keyboard ! Excellent idea.
    In fact it’s perfect to play adventure games, first because it has the extra keys and second because all the keys are much closer together(like the pictochat keyboard) making it much faster to type.
    It looks great, but wouldn’t be nice to have a Sinclair logo on it or maybe “ZX Spectrum_____128K +2” ? The +2 was my second and last spectrum and I’m really emotional about it !
    It’s definitely my emulator of choice now when it comes to adventure games.
    Even the new definable controls look right, they are very well implemented and it’s easy and fast to remap the keys, but it would be even more awesome if the settings could be saved for each individual game.
    Save, load, quicksave, everything is working fine, and the border emulation is interesting, even though the games look much uglier of course when implemented, but it’s nice to have the option I think.
    Have you ever though on displaying the border on the lower screen ? Not like ZXDS(where the whole background of the lower screen gets the border colors, making some text hard to read ), but maybe just a portion of it just below the upper screen ?
    Congratulation on the new release though, looks like a winner to me !

  7. James on

    Are TAP/TZX/PZX tape files not supported with this release?

    Is it only SNA snapshots?

    Thanks. :o)

  8. Tronik on

    I’ve been testing the emulator yesterday in my Supercard and this version is absolutely great.

    The screen accuracy have improve a lot, now you can play perfectly to any adventure game.
    It’s a great idea uses a +2 keyboard.

    All the new GUI is really easy to use and really functional.

    I also played to some games with problem in the older version and now they work fine, like Zynaps or Ghost and Goblins.

    Once you add TZX and TAP support your emulator will be perfect, for me 128K emulation It’s not really important.



  9. kisgabo on

    Professional work. Thank you.

  10. Bonehead on

    Thanks for keeping it going – the user defined controls are a big bonus. It’s good to be able to play Jasper on the DS now.

    A quality job – thank you.

  11. Uto on

    Nice work, now I can play adventures much better (+2 Keyboard + quick S/L are a big plus). The define key option it’s also a big help 🙂

    As Tronik I miss only TZX/TAP support to be able to play multi-load games like Target Renegade, Bloodwich or Gauntlet 🙂

  12. Uto on

    Well, a POKE option would be also nice :D, whether is manual or using the .POK format

  13. Craig Elliott on

    Absolutely stunning work mate. Definable keys makes this THE emulator for the DS and I can play Winged Warlords now. I wouldn’t dare criticise such hard work; but if I may ask/suggest – would a throttle button be out of the question (getting past Chuckie Egg death tune and the like). I found this a great feature of the ZXDS emulator (BOO).

    Thanks again for keeping this great project going.

  14. Andy Pelton on

    Hi, for the next version of SpeccyDS could you add button mapping?

    So you can say let ds button y = key press of z on the speccy kb.

    This would make playing multi-button games (such as attic attac) much more enjoyable.

    Keep up the good work 😀

  15. Arm73 on

    Somebody should read the release note more carefully or maybe try the emulator itself before posting such questions…..

  16. Mike_NZ on

    Ok…This is now officially the best piece of software I have for my DS!
    The SAVE game option and the now fully working touchscreen keyboard make this complete.

    Thanks Craig – you’re a legend!

  17. Funem on

    Read your interview in the Retro section of the latest issue of Game Tm ( #61 ) glad you are getting some recognition. Well done. Oh and look forward to another update.

  18. Takapa on

    This new release is very very good. I think your user interface design is perfect for the DS. One idea that might be nice if possible would be to add an option to disable the lower screen back-light after a few seconds. To restart the back-light, click the screen again (first click ignored). This way the battery would last a lot longer.

    Also – is there an ETA on the 128K dev?

  19. WhizzBang on

    This is great! Thank you very much. I am really enjoying this and I don’t think I’ll bother with DS games again. The method for defining the keyboard is excellent as it makes it quick and easy, but it would be nice if you could have a saved key definition for each game. Best wishes – Michael

  20. Charlie on

    Considering ZXDS is so awesome and updated frequently… can we say SpeccyDS is dead?

  21. craigt on

    Na, not yet. There is still a couple of things I want to finish off in SpeccyDS. I’ve just got a habit of working solid with SpeccyDS for a few weeks, and then leaving it alone for a few months to work on other stuff. I’m in the ‘work on other stuff’ phase at the moment!

    However, I did start to add tape support a couple of months ago. TAP files are working and so are a few TZX basic files. I will go back to it at some point and finish it off… But no telling when 🙂

  22. brcu on

    Great emulator and thanks for your work.

    I understand that you are busy on other stuff but can you convert SpeccyDS to the psp ?

    I help develop PSPectrum (Testing/Admin) but with the lead coder leaving, the emulator is dead.

    We have a new website up and running to take over from the old, email me if you want a look.

    Are you interested in taking over coding ?

  23. Kris Boag on

    Fantastic work, the best emulator on the DS hands down!!!!!

    Just an idea for future releases. Do you think it would be possibly to save defined keysets? That way you could switch between games that require lots of keys (Fairlight, Skool Daze, etc.) with minimum hassle.


  24. Kenty on

    Are there any news on this fine emulator? I think I meanwhile browsed to this site about a hundred times without seeing anything new here – even no new comments … I hope it is only sleeping and not dead!

    Thank you!

  25. Nac on

    One year without any update 8-(

  26. Nick on

    Just discovered this emulator and I love it. All the oldies at work are rushing out to buy DS’s while the young un’s who will never “get” spectrums think weve all gone nuts. I liked someone elses comment about a POKE function mainly because they were a mystery to me the whole time I had a Spectrum. I always felt as though I was missing out..was additional hardware/software needed to run them? no one told me

    thanks for this again,,, hours of fun 🙂

  27. Kenty on

    Now one and a half year without an update … Oh that’s really a pity 8-(
    Is this emulator now really dead too? It’s still in use here.
    Oh what a pity! Didn’t really think it would dye too …

  28. Joe K on

    Update or not, it probably would have never reached the heights of ZXDS.

  29. Paul B on

    Any chance of a SpeccyWii anytime in the future? The current Wii emulator is pants.

  30. […] SpeccyDS V0.3 Released August 26th, 2007 — “Available on the download page, or by clicking here! Most of the changes in this release are related to the GUI rewrite… Complete re-write of the GUI. Improved the touch screen accuracy on some Nintendo DS systems. Added Quick Save and Quick Load functionality Added two new keyboard images. A Save keyboard and a Spectrum […]” 29 Comments […]

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