What’s going on here then?

SpeccyDS is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for the Nintendo DS. This blog follows my (slow going) development of the emulator.

One day, I might even get it finished 🙂

craigt – craigt.mail@googlemail.com

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  1. Paul on

    Best of luck with the project.
    I’ll keep an eye on the site and wait with baited breath for a beta.

  2. thehive on

    Good job!
    Have a look at my little project, DSpec. Let me know if you want to compare notes sometime.


  3. nofi on

    Good stuff, I’ll be keeping an eye on this!

  4. Caphep on

    Great work! I too shall be keeping an eye on this. It is astonishing to my eyes that you can put all this together as your first emulator and DS project. Do you plan to support Supercard SD/CF etc?

  5. davesade on

    SOunds good to me. Is there any betatesting download? I want to try some of my golden gaming age games ;).

  6. fatboypj on

    Hope all goes well with the emulator. I cant wat to play m old classics on my DS.

  7. pubjoe on

    fantastic looking emulator. I love the keyboard touchscreen idea – infact I think all emulators should be done like this with a control pad for consoles, to eliminate any button problems.

    A beta would be nice and would definately spark a lot of interest and encouragement here… Anyway, in your own time. 🙂

  8. pubjoe on

    Loved the spectrum!

    fantastic looking emulator. I love the keyboard touchscreen idea – infact I think all emulators should be done like this (with a control pad for consoles), to eliminate any button problems.

    A beta would be nice and would definately spark a lot of interest and encouragement here… Anyway, in your own time. 🙂

  9. pubjoe on

    sorry about the double post.

    Btw: are there any limitations to the touchscreen graphic? I’d like to puttogether a nice one for you if you’d accept it. I could make animated overlays for the buttons too.

    What do you think?

  10. CraigT on

    Hi Pubjoe,

    I hope to change the touchscreen graphics in the future (the filebrowser in particular needs a good overhaul). It isn’t really a priority at the moment. When my focus moves back to the interface I may take up your offer. Thanks for the help 🙂

  11. Scrabbus on

    I hope you can get this beauty to work on my M3 CF, its already looking very groovy indeed, and this from someone who remembers the 80s scene all too well!! Thanks

  12. Kasimir2007 on

    Drivers for G6 here :


    Waiting for next version.

  13. Carlos on

    Tested it on my Lite with M3 micro SD. Amazing, incredible, best portable console emulator ever!!

    Good job!

    Even when I think is lovely let me tell u some suggestions, but take it easy, they are just suggestions and some of them for a reduced number of users, so just give them lowest priority, your system is great as is 🙂

    1) Add “user defined” controls, so you can map console buttons to some keys. For instance, on Atic-Atac take/drop key is Z, and you cannot change it. You may imagine how hard it is to try to get a item by pressing the touch pad when monsters are around you 😀

    2) For adventure games:

    – Keyboard is ok but maybe there would be possible to have a ‘adventure game’ mode where you have all needed keys including a straight “delete” key instead of Shift-0 and also shifted cursor keys so the cross-button acts as shifted cursor keys. Probably as easy as adding a “adventure” at “controls” button.

    – Well, i know that is like a hard job for a homegrown application, but writing characters PDA style would be nice.

    Well, those are my wishes, of course understand them as wishes, not requirements, some of them would make you think I’m crazy, and probably I am 🙂

    Again, good job!


  14. spurty on

    This runs a treat on my ds-xtreme but have just upgraded to m3 ds simply, any way to run it and load / save games on that? If not may this be added in future updates thanks

  15. Bonehead on

    Looks as though this project is going from strength to strength – nice touch with the borders.

    I would also like to add my support for user defined controls. There are plenty of games that work well with Kempston / Cursor etc but some games just aren’t playable without this option.

  16. jasswamu on

    Just loaded the new version and it’s pretty fine!

    IS there any way i can use the DS’s buttons instead of the on-screen keyboard?

    Playing arkanoid with the keyboard just feels weird!

  17. Irritant on

    Version 0.2a almosts works with the R4DS. The lower screen displays the keybpard, but the top screen remains black. Clicking on the icons on the lower screen has no effect, or am I not doing something else that I should?

    An interesting note – when the app starts up, the Rumble Pak goes crazy for a couple of seconds, or could this be related to it crashing on the R4?

  18. Systems on

    ^Did you patch SpeccyDS with the R4 DLDI file? Otherwise you won’t be able to see any of your ROMS.

  19. Child_again on

    This is so brilliant it’s untrue!! I just got an R4DS and was so disappointed when the other Spectrum emulators wouldn’t work. (They would run but can’t see the files on my micro SD card.)

    SpeccyDS didn’t at first, but as written above, if you patch it with the DLDI file it works. I’m like I’m 12 years old again!

    Well done Craig, great stuff – keep the development up and I’ll never get anything done ever again.

    Anyone who needs to patch SpeccyDS can find details here: http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/DLDI/#patchers

  20. Rob on

    Great stuff!

  21. John on

    Ok I’ve patched with dldi on the M3 and I’ve gotta say this emulator is GREAT !!!

    Many thanks to Craig for this brilliant emulator..

    Now I’m off to go find a big archive of snapshots…

    Brilliant, brilliant brilliant 🙂

    And the definable controls rock as well

  22. Darren on

    This emulator is great, brought back so many great memories, not to detract from your great work, but will there be a 128k release, or is that jumping the gun?

  23. порно on

    Очень суперское место, мне тут понравилось, правда…
    Столько всего класного и позновательного, я тут останусь на долго.

  24. smotspodo on

    Test message
    Sorry me noob…

  25. maria isabel on

    hola me gustaria q me ayudaran a poner los drivr del audio de nuevo al formatear los perdi mis altavoces son logitech r-20 no soy capaz de ponerlos el audio me dice q no econoce la targeta osea q no esta gracias por ayudarme

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