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DLDI Support

I upgraded my version of devkitPro to R20 yesterday.  I removed all the old gba_nds_fat code and replaced it with Chishm’s latest libfat routines, which now contain the directory related functions I need for the file browser in SpeccyDS.  The latest libfat driver also includes support for DLDI.

SpeccyDS didn’t have any problems compiling with the new library and everything seems to be working as expected.  However, I have been left with a bit of a dilemma.  I know there is a lot of anticipation for DLDI support, but there are still a few major things I want to finish before releasing version 0.3.  I don’t feel like I have added enough to SpeccyDS to justify releasing the next version.

I may release it as it is now and call it version 0.2a.  However, the border changes will not be included since there isn’t any sensible way to set the border size.  We shall see…

Late merry christmas and happy new year!

SpeccyDS took a back seat over the holidays, moving over to more festive activities such as eating and drinking far too much. However, i’m now in the mood to get back into the swing of things!

I did get around to a few little bits over the holidays… The G6 driver has been merged into the FAT driver but, due to my lack of a G6, it is completly untested. I’ve also started to redesign the GUI code in a more OO-friendly manner, and implemented a few undocumented Z80 op-codes (around the EDxx range).

I’ve also started to look at 128k emulation. Don’t get too excited at the moment since i’ve only been reading up on what is required, but from what I can see it should be quite straight forward to modify the code to emulate a 128k Spectrum. The complicated bit seems to be the sound chip. The timing and memory bank switching should be quite easy to implement as long as I can find an efficient way of doing it.

I doubt 128k support will be in the next version since there are still a few things that I need to sort out, but it’s nice to know that it is possible.