Compatibility List

Note – As of version 0.3, SpeccyDS works with every 48k game I have tried on it, but I’m keeping this page active just in case a rogue one pops it’s head up.

This list shows the compatibility of games that have been tested with SpeccyDS. Please feel free to add a comment for games that do not work along with a description of the problem.  Once I have verified their compatibility I will add them to the main list.

Please note, I am only interested in non-working or incorrectly working games! I am hoping to use this list to help me debug the CPU core, and therefore non-working games are the best way to achieve this.

Also, please make sure you try the snapshot file in a different emulator to verify it works as expected.

Thanks for your help! 🙂

Game Version Notes Thanks to…
Arkanoid 0.3 Working  
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron 0.3 Working Joe
Bubble Bobble 0.3 Working  
Chaos 0.3 Working  
Critical Mass 0.3 Working Charlie
Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins 0.3 Working Joe
MegaBucks 0.3 Working  
Sabre Wulf 0.3 Working  
Scrabble 0.3 Working Bonehead
Starquake 0.3 Working  
Uridium 0.3 Working Charlie
Zynaps 0.3 Working Charlie

18 comments so far

  1. Charlie on

    Zynaps – 0.1a – Freezes after loading
    Critical Mass – 0.1a – Crashes when game starts

  2. Charlie on

    Uridium – 0.1a – Crashes when game starts

  3. fearnleyp on

    Arcadia – 0.1a – Crashes when game starts

  4. Joe on

    Asterix – 0.1a Crashes at intro.

    Ghost N’ Goblins – 0.1a Graphic corruption then crashed when game starts

    Overscan Demo 0.1a Gives the error message “not compatible with real spectrum” and crashes when you press enter to start the demo

  5. Arm73 on

    Cobra (Z80) does not load, the same snapshot works fine on other emulators.
    When I try to load it, the emulator just reloads the current game instead of Cobra.

  6. Graham Goring on

    Are you wanting to know about games which crash at load-time or just those which load, and then crash at some point in the game?

  7. Bonehead on

    Have been making use of the excellent touch screen and there are a couple of games that I can’t get to work no matter how many z80’s or sna’s I try:

    Football Manager – goes into Break mode near the start of the game when you enter your name etc.

    Scrabble (yes, I know it’s sad, I play other games as well honestly). This one is quite bizarre – if you have a 2 player game against the computer then the computer places its own words on top of yours??

    One last thought – Jasper seems to run quite slowly (It seems to be quite be quite a CPU intensive game on any system). The preview + game run slowly but after you lose all your lives, the music speeds up a lot. The speed then slows right down again if you start a new game.

    In general compatibilty seems really good though and most games work for me.

  8. Alien88 on

    There’s only one Spectrum game I’m trying to play in my DS.
    My favorite Spectrum game of all times: Lords of Midnight!
    The problem is that the save doesn’t work and this is a game that can take days to play, so the save is a must.
    I’m using a Supercard Lite 1.70

  9. daninski on

    bionic comando.z80
    rockstar ate my hamster.sna
    target renegade .z80

  10. daninski on

    all these aren’t working btw.

  11. Arm73 on

    danisky, before you report a compatibility issue you should check other things first.
    Most of the game you mention work flowlessy with SpeccyDS,I’ve been playing with renegade, target renegade, myth,and many others.
    Do you even know that when you take a “snapshot” with an emulator it basically captures the state of the machine, included expansion port status, rom models etc…
    If a snapshot is not working, it doesn’t mean that SpeccyDS can’t play it, it probably is in a bad format (like it was takes on a 128K spectrum for example) and naturally won’t work.
    You better try different snapshot of the same game even in different emulators before you claim it doesn’t work.Or even better make the snapshot yoursalf, you can’t trust anything you get online or off cd-roms.

  12. jordigahan on

    dynamite dan working
    pulsator working
    alchemist working
    alien 8 working
    babaliba working
    batman working
    bruce lee working
    ciclone working
    el mago not working
    hate working
    highway encounter working
    jack the nipper working
    jack the nipper 2 working
    magmax working
    maziacs working
    pyjarama working
    raid over moscow working
    spirits working
    spy hunter working
    survivor Graphic corruption
    underwurlde working

  13. OogyBoogy on

    Trapdoor working (yay!)

  14. OogyBoogy on

    Sweevo’s World working

  15. superbantam on

    Laser Squad…..the greatest game ever made….doesn’t work. The ‘spectrum’ resets when I load the .z80 file.

    This is on an R4, patched DLDI.

    I’ll mail you the files if you need them

  16. Steven Hipkiss on

    is that it? about 12 fucking games? waste of fucking time. what a pile of shit.

  17. craigt on

    Hi Steve. Thanks for your helpful comment.

    This list just contains the 12 games that were not working during the early development of SpeccyDS, but are now fixed in version 0.3.

    SpeccyDS now works on every 48k Spectrum game I’ve tried on it. I’ve updated the blog to reflect this.

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