Version Download
SpeccyDS v0.1 Here
SpeccyDS v0.1a Here
SpeccyDS v0.2 Here
SpeccyDS v0.2a Here
SpeccyDS v0.3 Here

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  1. rperez33 on


    I tried to run the SpeecyDS emulator in the NinjaDS with no success.

    Has somebody tested it?

    You can find the hardware in this link:


  2. Patrick on

    No sound on 0.1a is my problem, which if I understand correctly is fixed, so when will a new version be released?

  3. Patrick on

    I just bought the M3 Ds Simply, unfortunately it doesn’t work on this.

  4. Mark on

    How about adding DLDI support? That might help a lot of people with compatibility issues.


  5. Stefano on

    DLDI…! DLDI…! DLDI…!
    Please…! Please…! Please…!
    I have two card, M3 simply and G6, nooooooo! 😦

    Thanks for your support!


  6. Andy Spencer on

    The new version 0.2a is fantastic – patched it and it runs great on my new R4DS card!!! Well done Craig, very very nice indeed!



  7. rperez33 on

    It seems version 0.2a works without patching in my NinjaDS. I have only loaded a couple of games. I have not actually played with them yet.

  8. Systems on

    I’m not having much luck with my M3 Simply.

    I’ve patched with the R4 DLDI, as usual, and SpeccyDS runs and lets me see my ROMS. But then when I load one the top screen goes black and resets.

    ROMS tried:
    Elite 48K
    Rebelstar 1 Player

    At least I get to see my ROMS though. With DSpec I don’t.

  9. Blaz on

    Works in EZ4 flash??

  10. zork I on

    I have a r4 card and would like to be able to play *any emulator* on my NDS. This dLdi thing – what is it ? I dont get it ? Has anyone got a worked example I can use to get my head around this.
    I am used to using emulators but on NDS its a new thing altogether.
    Cant someone upload some pre-patched versions of the emulators for each card to simplify things ;>

  11. Z on

    It doesn’t work on the MMD. I even DLDI’d it:(

  12. retrogamer on

    Great emulator, just wish you could map all the buttons to keys… waiting for that version 😀 (“In a future version of SpeccyDS, the assigned keys will be user-definable.”)
    Furthermore, tape files support would be superb (as the support for 128k).
    Thanks for your work!

  13. Charlie on

    This emu is dead it seems.. better check the page for ZXDS

  14. beardfreak on

    Superb work – many thanks.

    Just can’t get Halls of the Things to work with the pad and buttons :o( Boo hoo.

    It would be so cool to be able to map any buttons to the DS controls. If there is a way to do this and I’ve missed it, pray tell.

  15. craigt on

    Not at the moment, beardfreak. But I have been playing around with the source code again over the last few weeks. The first thing to do is change the GUI to allow mapable (is that a word?) controls.

  16. phil on

    Hello i just can, get the SpeccyDS v0.2a to work at all.

    The emulator boot up fine but when i come to load up games they are blank.

    Try messing around with the setting and nothing happend.

    Any help please?

  17. CongoDave on

    My Supercard Lite Micro SD, SpeccyDS, 900 Spectrum games taking up 20meg on my 2Gb Micro SD card and I’m one happy bunny.
    Can’t wait for 0.3 release. 128 stuff would be fantastic.
    Thanks for this ace emulator…….!

  18. phil on

    Can someone help me set up the speccy ds.

    I have the R4DS with 1gb mirco SD and am using verson 1.5

    The emulator boots up fine but the load folder is empty.

    Any help e-mail at


  19. Ratty on

    The emulator rocks!

    Will there be support for 128k models and .tap file format any time soon?

  20. ezequiel on


  21. marc on

    what is this for

  22. Rhino on

    Great emulator. Keep up the work. The quick load and save function is an absolute life-saver. I’ve been trying to complete ‘Bumpy’ (a game I’d not played on the Spectrum before) and it’d be almost impossible without this!

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  24. SebyFeneStoot on

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