Bugs fixed

Thanks to the two games submitted by Charlie as not working (wheres the rest of you, eh? 😉 ), i’ve made a lot progress in fixing bugs in the CPU core…  Critical Mass was particulary useful.  Thanks for your help. Charlie! 🙂

As a result, the following games now seem to work perfectly…  Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Critical Mass, MegaBucks (yay!) and Zynaps. The AI in Chaos is fixed, but there is still the odd graphical glitch. Starquake still seems to crash, which is a shame.

The bug fixes have also sorted out the flashing graphics in a few games, such as Spike in Transylvania. Now i’ve just got to track down that Starquake bug…


6 comments so far

  1. Arm73 on

    Weren’t we supposed to wait for the new version of SpeccyDS with support for Z80 files before starting any tests ?
    Most of my games are in TZX format, and I also have a lot of Z80 snapshots, but sna are a little tougher to come across these days.
    Is the new version already available, please ? ( the one you mentioned uses the d-pad to scroll the games list and has z80 support ).
    I’ll be glad to do some testing.

  2. CraigT on

    Na, I just meant for tests on the latest version (v0.1a) for now.

    I’m still clearing a few things up in v0.2. I was planning on adding a few extra features before I released it, but they may have to wait 🙂

  3. Charlie on

    So glad to help, looking forward
    to the next version. Cheers again
    for the great emulator.

  4. Anthony on

    Any news on a release with the .z80 support?


  5. simracing on

    Looking forward to Z80 support. I have, and I am not making this up, 12,000 Z80 format Speccy files…

  6. Charlie on

    Hello there… Anybody here??? CraigT any news?

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